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Most airlines provide flight attendants and other personnel with various travel benefits including free or reduced travel for yourself, family and friends. Imagine flying to Florida for $10 or to Mexico for $25. You can! Along with flight-related benefits, many airline companies also provide employees with free or reduced cruise line deals. Also, you will receive important career benefits like free recurrent training to help you advance, medical insurance, 401K programs, profit sharing, overtime/holiday pay, and excellent retirement benefits.

The minimum age to take part in this industry is 18. Our students’ ages have ranged from 18-69. You must have a high school diploma or GED. You should have good communication skills in English, no felonies on your criminal record, and be a high-energy, enthusiastic, and flexible individual. Our Career Services Specialists will help prepare you for the employment process. You will be confident and successful in your career selection.

You’ll have the opportunity to interview for airline positions such as flight attendant, reservation agent, ticket agent, ramp agent, and customer service representative. Our students may also interview for openings with travel agencies, hotels, cruise lines, and more.

The answer is no. Some of the subjects that we teach may be similar, but the most important difference is placement assistance. There are other travel schools; however, IAHA has established its unmatched reputation as an Airline Academy. As it stands, our graduates have been hired by more than 110 different airlines worldwide.

Our current students and graduates have access to the career portal to find and apply for jobs in the industry.

Career Center

In 2021, flight attendant employment opportunities have been rising! With good attendance, priority on your studies, and flexibility regarding your first position, you will be on your way to a fun new career! You’ll begin interviewing for your selected positions four weeks prior to graduation, so you can go directly from the classroom to your first position. If you maintain good attendance, remain focused on your studies and are flexible regarding your first position, you’ll have a much better chance of being hired. Over 30,000 Air Academy graduates have already begun their airline and travel careers and are ready to welcome you to their airline, hotel, cruise line, and travel agency!

Career Center

We offer dormitories for our out-of-town students. Students share accommodations in two or three bedroom dorms which are fully furnished and include all utilities. Rent is $550 per month plus a $200, refundable (up to move-in day), housing fee. Housing costs may be included in your Financial Plan.

Student Housing

The campus is located 2.5 miles from the student dormitories and students may carpool to and from classes. Vancouver has an excellent local transit system. Students who wish to have a car on campus have access to free parking. Academy Properties provides transportation to and from school for those without cars.

Yes. Many students work while attending the Academy. Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday, about six and a half hours each day, so it is possible to hold a part-time job and attend school. It is important that you allow appropriate time for homework each week and keep your training a top priority.

Yes. The Academy is nationally accredited. Our students may participate in the federally sponsored grant and loan programs. The funds can assist you and help cover your tuition and housing in many cases. Eligible students may also receive Bureau of Indian Affairs funding and various funds from state programs. The Academy also participates in various scholarship programs.

Financial Aid

Everything you will be studying is “job related.” With the material being relevant to your field of interest, it’s more interesting and actually fun. There’s no algebra, chemistry, or English literature. Instead, you’ll study subjects like airport operations, boarding procedures, ticketing, travel itineraries, customer service and computerized reservations system called Apollo FocalPoint. It’s a hands on learning experience that gives you job experience before you even begin your career. Our main interest is supporting you in your educational and career goals.

The Academy begins a new training class every month, so you can choose the training date that best fits your personal situation. Because class sizes are limited, you should apply as early as possible to guarantee your choice of class date.

Class Start Dates

Often airline recruiting personnel fly to our campus and interview you during the last four weeks of your training or conduct online or video interviews with students. Prior to your interviews, you will receive information regarding positions that are available, which cities you could be based in, what your starting salary will be, and other fringe benefits being offered by the employer. Some students may accept positions in their hometowns, but many “relocate” for their first position to get their travel career started. Once inside their selected airline, students can often transfer to their choice of cities. You and several of your classmates could be relocating to your new place of employment together, so you could have roommates you already know to help share future housing expenses.

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