Airline Specialist Training Program—more than just flight attendant training.

Airline/Travel Specialist – 20 Weeks

The travel industry changes on a daily basis. As an airline or travel specialist, your work is suited to express diversity in many areas.

Graduates of our program have traveled to foreign cities and exotic locations all over the world.

​Our program is designed to provide the professional skills, training, and confidence needed to compete for entry-level positions in airline and travel industries including flight attendant, boarding agent, ticket agent, and various others.

​This program focuses mainly on customer service and airline operations. These are the primary skills you will need to excel in a career as a flight attendant or one of the many other airline positions.

Graduates are qualified for a broad range of positions including travel/tour agents, airline customer service agents, and a variety of other positions in the travel industry. Notably, our program also provides flight attendant training fit to prepare students for a vibrant travel-oriented career.


Start your airline or flight attendant career at International Air and Hospitality Academy

As you prepare for an airline career or a position as a flight attendant at IAHA, you will:

  • Study the major flight attendant duties and responsibilities.
  • Develop an understanding of the terminology relevant to flight attendants.
  • Learn and recall the major flight attendant announcements used aboard aircraft as well as different types of FAA and public address announcements.
  • Identify the function and apply the use of the flight attendant emergency equipment.
  • Understand the meaning of flight attendant wages and bidding, flight attendant reports and Federal Aviation Guidelines.

In addition, students will study and be exposed to fatigue awareness and personal protection methods. This particular training concept will assist you in reducing risk factors and offering guidance in order to increase safety levels.

Additional Career Training and Guidance Included

The ultimate objective of this 20-week program is to start and grow a career in the airline and travel industries. This includes learning about the various positions available in the industry along with the hiring criteria and responsibilities.

This training also includes:

  • How to write an effective cover letter and resume
  • How to complete an employment application that increases the chances of obtaining an interview.
  • Coaching from our Career Services Department on how to prepare for and shine through the interview process by showcasing the skills and experience relevant to your new field.

Finally, students will gain confidence and effectiveness with in-person training about how to research companies and prospective positions online aiding to identify opportunities that meet their present and future goals.


Students benefit from IAHA’s mock cabin where they can practice a wide range of in-flight procedures and safety protocol.

Extensive Training in Customer Service Skills

Customer Service is the core of airline operations.

Exceptional Customer Service Skills are at the core of the airline industry. We will teach you the skills needed to excel in a career in the airline industry. ​The airline industry is among the most highly competitive industries in the world. Most airlines offer the same flight schedules, modern aircraft, food, and amenities. The greatest edge an airline may have over the competition is its quality of customer service.

IAHA’s customer service training teaches students how to:

  • Recognize the differences between average and outstanding customer service.
  • Learn to resolve problems and handle customer-related difficulties with confidence and professionalism.
  • Utilize the best customer service practices when interacting with customers and colleagues.

These skills will continue to help you advance in your career as professionalism and job performance are valued and rewarded.

Knowledge of Travel Industry Operations

Travel Industry Operations is an important part of our airline career training and gives students a well-rounded perspective on various areas the industry.

In this section of the training, students will explore the many facets of the travel industry including:

  • travel agency operations
  • the Transportation Security Administration
  • the basics of aviation pertaining to aircraft function
  • the economics of the airline industry

Students will also learn about the jobs of flight attendants and customer service agents. Furthermore, students will study the relationships between travel agencies, airlines, cruise lines, car rental agencies, hotels, resorts, tour companies, and their employees.

Reservations and Fare Construction Training

Students will learn Reservations and Fare Construction thus preparing them to book travelers all over the globe.
Reservations and Fare Construction is a critical skill in the airline industry.
The reservations system is at the heart of most airline processes and travel activities.

In this critical course, students will learn how to:

  • Use Apollo FocalPoint Computer Reservations System (similar to most reservations software) using the same travel industry information airline personnel around the nation are using
  • Display and interpret flight schedules, sell seats, create, modify, and retrieve reservations
  • Reserve automobiles
  • Request additional services such as special meals and wheelchairs
  • Create and transfer passenger profile information
  • Understand and interpret domestic/international tariff displays
  • Quote fares and corresponding rules for domestic and international itineraries
  • Interpret flight information

Airline and Airport Operations Training

Airline and airport operations are an important part of our training.
In this section of the training, students will develop skills to succeed in the industry through an interactive in-person experience.

Some of the subjects taught in this section include:

  • Ticketing
  • Ramp operations
  • Oversold/canceled/delayed flights
  • Public address announcements
  • Simulated ticket counter practice

Additionally, students will learn about Dangerous Goods Awareness and must pass an exam relative to these goods. This particular component is a vital piece of training for ground and in-flight crew members.

OSHA 10 Certification – Airline Operations

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Hazardous Communication
  • Exit Routes
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Walking/Working
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazardous Materials Recognition
  • Electrical Safety
  • Injury / Illness
  • Ergonomics

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