Major Airlines Announce Significant Hiring Increase


Increasing Flight Attendant Jobs

Over the last few months, airlines have announced the need to increase their workforce as travel increases over the summer and fall of 2021. The amount of flight attendant jobs are significantly increasing.

The announcement of the pandemic caused travel to decrease. Airlines encouraged staff to take early retirement, and many employees to take voluntary temporary leave. Now that many people are traveling again, some airlines are caught in a situation where tickets have been purchased, but there’s not enough staff to run operations. Some are even driven to have to cancel flights or offer travelers vouchers to compensate for lack of seating.

The Business of Business wrote, “…now that economic reopening appears to have taken hold, it’s likely that companies are going to be desperate for trained, qualified workers for some time to come.”

According to another Business Insider article, “The Association of Flight Attendants, a major airline union, predicted the number of flight attendant jobs would climb from 80,000 in June to 100,000 by 2023.”

This has been a consistent talking point in the mainstream media as well as announcements from airlines themselves.

April 2021

  • CNBC article: “JetBlue Airways…said in a message addressed to 200 pilot candidates who were interviewing with the New York airline in 2019 and 2020 that the carrier is taking steps to begin hiring new pilots later this year. Budget carrier Spirit Airlines resumed training 24 new pilots last month and plans to train a similar number in April, a spokesman said. Another ultra-low cost airline, Allegiant Air, on Tuesday said it plans to open a new base in Austin, Texas, and will ‘immediately begin hiring pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and ground personnel to support the operations.'”

June 2021

  • CNN article: “The three largest US carriers — American (AAL), United (UAL), and Delta (DAL) — have announced they are currently hiring or will do so before the end of the year. Southwest (LUV), which cut less of its staff during the pandemic than its three larger rivals, said it is preparing its own hiring process as well.”
  • An announcement from Delta Airlines: “Delta is working quickly to increase staffing in Reservations and Customer Care, Airport Customer Service and Cargo, Flight Operations, and Tech Operations in support of customers’ speedy return to travel.”

“‘Our outstanding colleagues have worked so hard over the last year to ensure not only Delta’s survival but our long-term success,’ said Joanne Smith, Delta’s E.V.P. and Chief People Officer. ‘As we shift gears toward recovery, we know we need reinforcements to help us serve our customers this summer. We’re excited to add more talented professionals to the Delta family who share our passion for connecting the world.'”

“In-Flight Services will begin recruiting and hiring [flight attendants] in Fall 2021.”

July 2021

  • Yahoo Finance: “American Airlines Group Inc. said on Thursday it has asked about 3,300 flight attendants on voluntary leave to return by the holiday travel season to meet rising customer demand, according to a letter to staff reviewed by Reuters.”

“The U.S. airline said it would also begin recruiting and hiring about 800 new flight attendants by March 2022.”

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