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High School Senior Scholarships 

International Air and Hospitality Academy offers each high school in the United States three, $500 scholarships to our Airline/Travel Specialist Program to be awarded to graduating high school seniors by a teacher or school counselor.

We are now accepting scholarship applications for 2024.

Students Earning a GED

To be eligible for a scholarship nomination, a GED must have been earned within the past 6 months and the scholarship must be used with 6 months of being nominated.

Two Ways To Apply

1. A teacher/counselor can initiate and complete the application. To get started, use the blue button.

2. Students can initiate the process by specifying a teacher or counselor to automatically receive an email. Once they receive the email, the teacher/counselor can electronically sign to nominate the student. To get started, use the blue button.

Scholarship Guidelines

  • The deadline for nomination is July 1 of each year.
  • Scholarships are for tuition only. Enrollment fees, materials, and personal items are the responsibility of the students.
  • Applicants must be a current-year high school senior.
  • One scholarship per student.

What to Expect

  • Students awarded a scholarship will be notified by email. Typically, students will receive notice of award within a month of being nominated.
  • The scholarship certificate will be emailed to the student and the teacher/counselor who nominated them.
  • Scholarships are for tuition only (enrollment fee, materials, and personal items are still the responsibility of the student).
  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request additional materials. We can be reached at (800) 868-1816.

Careers That Work

The Northwest Career Colleges Federation offers five $1,000 scholarships to seniors at each high school in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. These are awarded by the participating high schools. Visit their website or contact your Career Counselor for more information. The deadline is June of each year. This may not be used in conjunction with an IAHA High School Scholarship.

Additional Resources:
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Students may apply for a scholarship. Counselors and teachers may nominate a student for a scholarship.

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