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Airlines Update Appearance Restrictions


It has been a long-held standard that “customer facing” employees in the airline industry have very specific grooming standards and dress codes. The thought is to look clean, professional, polite, sleek, and authoritative. Every airline is different; over the years, there have been requirements that include:   Tattoo concealment Weight and height requirements Hair style […]

Major Airlines Announce Significant Hiring Increase


Increasing Flight Attendant Jobs Over the last few months, airlines have announced the need to increase their workforce as travel increases over the summer and fall of 2021. The amount of flight attendant jobs are significantly increasing. The announcement of the pandemic caused travel to decrease. Airlines encouraged staff to take early retirement, and many […]

Tips for New Flight Attendants: How to Choose Location and Housing

Choosing a location to settle (or not settle) is very personal choice for a new hire. So much depends on your personal goals and desired lifestyle. Are you already settled in a town you love? Are you willing to relocate? Do you have family or friends nearby that you wouldn’t mind rooming with? Do you […]